Dog Diseases And Dog Sickness ... Why Name Them?

In the natural world, a Holistic Vet doesn't really look at dog diseases as something they need to diagnose, classify and label as a 'disease'.

Conventional vets do this because then they assume their duty is done and their task becomes easy. All they have to do is go to their procedure book, medical library, (PDR) Physicians' Desk Reference or computer and find the recommended treatment. Then its time to cut, burn or poison (prescribe drugs or surgery) for the diseases of dogs.

Take for example, if one finds out from their vet that their dog has cancer, it shouldn't come as a shock to them because cancer is the number one killer for all people and pets and until we wake up and realize WE have to be the ones to change our environment and think for ourselves, nothing can happen.

Things are only going to get worse first before 'they' step in and do something. You ask "who is they"? I hate to say certain names but a good book on the subject of they is Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About.

It will explain a lot more how sick and controlled this world is.

Preventative Medicine For Dog Illness Symptoms

There is a better way and that is to use Preventative Medicine by recognizing signs and symptoms and helping your dog by making appropriate changes in their life style, environment and diet.

Always remember to heal YOUR dogs health naturally ... because now YOU have a choice to prevent dog illness or dog sickness.

Holistic Vets in the natural world don't look at dog diseases and sicknesses and say "My job is easy, let me look it up in my PDR and say "What drug should I use for this one?" Next. Each dog or human is unique.

If you know the cause of any dog disease or human disease, you can fix it. Malnutrition and toxicity is the only two things that will kill us or our dogs besides accidents and old age.

So you say "What is the cause?" The cause is you or your dog is either malnutrition or is toxic (or both). Fix the problem or problems and the disease goes away. Nature remedies is not a quick fix and will sometimes take awhile longer. Plus all factors need to be considered ... mind, body and spirit. If the body is whole in health, then the body is whole in sickness meaning all organs and systems are affected.

Remember the old spiritual song 'Dry Bones'? It went something like this "your foot bone is connected to your ankle bone and your ankle bone is connected to your knee bone ..." and so on. Every part of your dogs body is connected to every other part.

Kill The Cancer Usually Means Kill The Dog

Do we drop a bomb in our garage to get rid of a mouse? No, or we wouldn't have a garage left ... however we did get rid of the mouse. As in my example earlier, then why on earth would we load our dog or puppy with more toxins (radiation or chemotherapy) to kill toxins already there? By the way the vet may of succeeded by killing the cancer, but unfortunately, at the same time the vet killed your dog with it (your dog just dies a few months later.)

Society likes to label everything. Mainly they do this because without calling it a dog disease or human disease and whoever does not have DVM or MD behind their name, no one else can prescribe anything and not only that, they think we are too stupid to take care of ourselves or our dog. We are only allowed to educate ourselves and that is what Kali's Healing Garden is all about. Herbs belong to the people. They can't patent something that belongs to the land. Life is complicated enough, simplify your life ...

One hundred years ago ... all these human and dog diseases did not exist. Ponder about it for awhile. Did dogs have canine Alzheimer's disease, Cushing's disease, Cancer? ...

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