Herbs For Dogs

Herbs for dogs have been around for eons. Way before man existed; it was just herbs and animals. Dogs know what is right for their bodies and therefore are wonderful teachers for us.

Herbs work with our dog's or our own healing mechanisms to fight disease and also for illness prevention.

Herbs contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll, trace elements, essential fatty acids, proteins, sugars and carbohydrates which are natural sources.

They can be taken internally or used externally in the form of sprays, ointments, salves, infusions, teas, poultices, etc. Most common way for dogs are capsules and tinctures, both which is easy to take. Tinctures is better because dogs have a short digestive system.

And keep in mind that herbs for dogs take a lot longer to began working.

From a herbalist's perspective, we look at the whole body, identify what caused the disease, correct the imbalance and prevent it from happening again.

Or better yet, prevention is better than the cure.

Starting with herbs for dogs ... (a brief description of common uses)

  • Alfalfa ... detox the liver, purify the blood, aids digestion

  • Aloe ... colon cleanser, wound care

  • Arnica ... wound care, pain reduction

  • Astragalus ... lowers blood pressure, kennel cough

  • Black Walnut ... expels interal parasites and tapeworms

  • Borage ... calms nerves, adrenal glands

  • Boswella ... conquers arthritis, ringworm, hip dysplasia

  • Burdock ... cleans and rebuilds the blood

  • Calendula ... minor first aid situations

  • Cascara Sagrada ... nature's answer for a laxative

  • Catnip ... soothes nerves, fever

  • Cat's Claw ... helps tumors, arthritis, allergies, respiratory infections

  • Cayenne ... blood stimulant, insect repellent

  • Chamomile ... anti-spasmodic and sedative

  • Chaparral ... blood and liver disorders

  • Chickweed ... sooth upper digestive tract

  • Cleavers ... tonic for lymphatic system

  • Coltsfoot ... use for respiratory ailments

  • Comfrey ... aids in healing of burns, skin ulcers, cuts

  • Corn Silk ... heals chronic urinary problems

  • Couchgrass ... leaves are eated by dogs to induce vomiting, laxative

  • Dandelion ... cleans blood and liver

  • Devil's Claw ... use for arthritis, liver and gallbladder complaints

  • Dill ... improves appetite, digestion and flatulence

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Without Dangerous Side Effects, Herbs For Dogs Continues ...

  • Echinacea ... nature's antibiotic

  • Elderberry ... briuses and sprains

  • Eucalyptus ... respiratory conditions

  • Fennel ... calm stomach cramps

  • Feverfew ... help joint pain

  • Flax ... soothes the digestive tract, repress tumors

  • Garlic ... supreme immune antioxidant

  • Ginger ... stimulant, eases stomach and bowel pains

  • Ginkgo ...helps to have better blood flow to the brain

  • Ginseng ... eliminate exhaustion and weakness

  • Goldenseal ... antibiotic, ringworm

  • Gotu Kola ... skin problems, arthritic inflammation, antioxidant

  • Gravelroot ... expels small kidney and bladder stones from the urinary tract

  • Hawthorn ... treats heart and circulation, heartworm prevention

  • Hops ... good for separation anxiety, hyperexcitability

  • Horsetail ... helps scar tissue, skin, coat, teeth and nails

  • Kava Kava ... helps nervous disorders, muscle spasms

  • Kelp ... helps with thyroid

  • Lavender ... nervous system, joints, tick repellent

  • Licorice ... use for expectorant, coughs

  • Marshmallow ...treat bacterial infections

  • Milk Thistle ... work with liver problems

  • Mullein ... helps relieve congestion

  • Neem ... protects pets from fleas, ticks and mites

  • Nettles ... helps with rhematism, arthritis and skin disorders

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Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

Don't Let This List Of Herbs For Dogs Seem Over Complicated

It seems that way to me at first too ...

but when you decide to really start educating yourself with Herbs For Dogs, day by day, step by step, the puzzle of a healthy lifestyle for your dog seems more clearer and it works.

  • Oatstraw ... good for aging or debilitated animals, nervousness and mental lethargy

  • Parsley ... blood strengthener

  • Peppermint ... gas and indigestion

  • Plantain ... stops bleeding, relieves diarrhea

  • Raspberry ... strengthens uterus, laxative

  • Red Clover ... blood cleansing, anti-tumor

  • Rose ... excellent for muscular pains, burns, minor wounds, insect bites

  • Rosemary ... relieves flatulent, antioxidant, digestive problems

  • Sage ... treat and prevent gingivitis, gastric cramping

  • Saint John's Wort ... helps depression, ear infections

  • Sheep Sorrel ... cleans blood

  • Shepherd's Purse ... minor urinary system bleeding

  • Skullcap ... use for epilepsy, nervous tension, anxiety

  • Slippery Elm ... helps GI tract or urinary inflammation for young, old and weak dogs

  • Thyme ... raspy coughs, asthma

  • Turkish Rhubarb ... cleans blood

  • Turmeric ... fix excess cholesterol in the blood, candida

  • Uva Ursi ... improves urinary tract, skin

  • Valerian ... calms nervousness and exciteness

  • Wormwood ... expels worms, skin rinse for bacterial or fungal infections

  • Yarrow ... stops internal bleeding

  • Yew ... helps joint problems, arthritis, skin problems

  • Yellow Dock ... stimulates liver function, anemia

  • Yucca ... use as a laxative, diruretic and antiseptic, ulcers, pain reliever

There are more; however I didn't list them all here. Some herbs are poisonious and you would never need to use all that I have mentioned here. Usually you find a few favorite herbs for dogs and stick with them.

Just follow Mother Nature to find all the answers you are looking for ... while herbs for dogs can be used to treat symptoms, their real miracle lies in the ability to work naturally with your dog's body and help it heal itself without the cut, burn, poison methods that allopathic veterinarians prescribe.

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